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By limperschmit    3

Over the past week a host of new features have been added to LoL Training House that you may have noticed.

Players Playing Now

A much requested feature has finally been added to the site. You can now see which LoL Training House players are currently playing a game. This means you can jump on real quick and add these people and get a duo game going in seconds. Like the normal Players page you can filter the players currently in game to find someone who is right around your rank or plays the lane you want. Head over to the Players Playing Now to see if there is someone you would like to play with.


The leaderboard has been updated so users can compete on more than just who improves the most during the week. Now the leaderboard has many more things like Ranked Kills, Ranked Games Played, Ranked Kills Per Game, and a few more. Head over to the Leaderboard to check them all out.

By LoL Builder    12

Recently I found this tool that has been a lifesaver. No longer do I have to alt tab out of my game to follow the build for the new champion I am playing. I just run this tool LoLBuilder and automatically no matter what champion I pick the common diamond and challenger builds for the champion are in my client. Combined with the awesome guide they have I have been able to increase my LoL skill dramatically.

Get The App

Check out this video below for more information about it.

If you do decide to purchase this tool, LoL Training House receives a percent of the sale. So we thank you for your support if you do

By limperschmit    0

Hello Again!
This week we had our ONE THOUSANDTH user sign up! I was very excited when the site broke through the triple digit barrier and into the quadruple digits. I created the site to help out the League of Legends community that I love and to help players find nice helpful people to play with and learn from. With the amount of people we have on the site now it is easier than ever to find someone to play with no matter what server, skill, or playing time you are able to play. I want to thank all of you for joining the site and making it useful without you the site would not work!

By limperschmit    0

Hello everyone!
This site had an influx of new users recently thanks to being mentioned on the front page of /r/summonerschool. If you haven't heard of that subreddit I would definitely recommend checking it out. It is a great community of LoL players discussing how to get better.

I just wanted to let everyone know that even though there haven't been any new features that you are seeing I am still working on the site. Riot is constantly updating their API, so I am making sure everything works correctly here on LoLTrainingHouse. Along with that there have been minor changes to speed up the site and provide an overall better experience. I think the site as it is serves its purpose well of helping connect LoL players with duo partners and mentors. I want that to stay the main focus so I don't want to be adding new features that take away from that and clutter up the site.

Well that is it! Just wanted to check in and let you know what I have been doing with the site. If you ever find something isn't working, or you have some suggestions for the site don't hesitate to email me at tyler@loltraininghouse.com.

The leaderboard is the newest edition to the LoL Training House website. The leaderboard recognizes the most improved players for the current week. It also works to motivate players to get better so that they can be seen at the top of the leaderboard. So far the most ranks gained in a week has been 3, done by Report Me Now, Thunyethor, Rami, kakashi097, and jaredeatslam in the first week. In the second week Pheorious was the only one to raise 3 ranks. This week iPhaLanX is up 3 ranks, can anyone make it to 4 this week?

In-Game Chatroom
It was asked on the subreddit if we had an in-game chatroom for all of us LoL Training House users. At the time we did not but we do now! We are starting an in game chatroom named lolth. Join it while in the client and talk strategy hang out with other LoL Training House users.

By AboveCloud9   0

When should the jungler give up his blue bluff?
Above Cloud 9 answers that question and shows how important blue bluff is to the middle laner. He uses psychology and math to determine when it is right to give up your blue bluff for the betterment of the team. What are your thoughts, when do you give blue bluff to your mid?

By limperschmit    17

Over the previous weekend the 100th user signed up for this site. I performed the drawing as I promised and will be giving away a $25 RP card to one lucky user of the site. Watch the video below to find out who won.

Thanks to everyone who has signed up! I would like to do another giveaway, do you all have an idea for a fun giveaway I could do?

By limperschmit    24
Welcome to LoL Training House. I have officially launched the site today and am accepting sign ups.

About the site
The point of this site is to help League of Legends players find other people to play with. You can visit the players tab to see a list of all the players signed up. You can find other players around your skill level to maybe duo with or start a ranked 5's. You can find someone better than you who plays a certain champion you want to be good at and ask them for tips. The point of this site is to help league players connect with other players and get better at the game by discussing strategy, sharing replays, and playing together.

Future of the site
I have ideas for adding more features for the site, but before I implement them I wanted to get the initial site out there and see what YOU, the user, would like to see added. I envision as more people sign up adding a feature to search for specific types of players. Say you want to learn a new champion, you will be able to filter by mentors with a higher skill level who have a lot of games played with that champion. You can then talk with them, have them look at replays, or observe some of your games. Or maybe you have a ranked 5s team and you need a better jungler. You can filter for players around your skill level who prefer the jungle. Or you may want to find someone to play some serious ranked duo queue with who plays around the same time you could then search for that.

I am always looking for ideas so feel free to email me anytime at tyler@loltraininghouse.com with suggestions or leave a comment below.

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