In Game Name: Mansdferg

Language: English

About Mansdferg

I joined league in the middle of season 5 and finished in Silver 2 in both Season 5 and Season 6. At present I've made it to 2-2 in my gold promos multiple times and haven't yet cracked that threshold. I main Syndra and Lux mid. Corki is my baby whenever he is meta, and I'm always working on a few different champions just to have options. Bot lane I play Twitch and Corki, but I'm looking to expand my pool a little bit. I don't tilt easily, and I'm always open to voice chat through either Skype or Discord. GGWP and GLHF!
Looking For
Fave Lane(s)
Mansdferg's Usual Playing Times (EST)
Monday: 9AM-11PM
Tuesday: 9AM-11PM
Wednesday: 9AM-11PM
Thursday: 9AM-11PM
Friday: 9AM-5PM
Saturday: 9PM-11PM
Sunday: 9AM-11PM

Recent Games

  • 6 / 10 / 7
    Minions (Neutral): 146 ( 16 )
    Wards Placed: 13
    Game Length
    Ranked Solo
    played Mar 24, 2018
  • 6 / 9 / 13
    Minions (Neutral): 194 ( 8 )
    Wards Placed: 9
    Game Length
    Ranked Solo
    played Mar 24, 2018
  • 8 / 11 / 7
    Minions (Neutral): 55 ( 73 )
    Wards Placed: 8
    Game Length
    Ranked Flex
    played Mar 23, 2018

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