Nether x3

In Game Name: Nether x3

Language: German English

About Nether x3

I'm Alex, german Support main, finished S8 in Silver. Looking for someone who will communicate with me and tear up bot lane :)

I play mostly Thresh and Zyra, learning Rakan and Pyke atm.
I can play Lulu and Janna somewhat decently if the game/meta calls for it ^^
Looking For
Ranked Team
Fave Lane(s)
Nether x3's Usual Playing Times (EST)
Monday: 6PM-10PM
Tuesday: 7PM-10PM
Wednesday: 6PM-10PM
Thursday: 3PM-10PM
Friday: 3PM-10PM
Saturday: 8AM-12PM & 4PM-10PM
Sunday: 8AM-5PM

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