In Game Name: Iamhere97

Language: Bulgarian English

About Iamhere97

Hello there, guys! Iamhere97 here. How are you? How is life going? If good - thats great, if not - dont get upset. Every obstacle will make you stronger once you pass it. :)
I am currently 21, if that matters, live in Bulgaria, with a lot of free time out of the university. I am looking for someone to coach me, to tell me what are my weaknesses, strong sides, what I should work onto to get better. For free, please.
For the lower division players - I can be your teacher, if you want. :)
Unfortunately, I cant provide a stable talk because my pc turned out to be kinda...shitty in this matter. When I talk I sound like chumpkin. Its kinda annoying and I have no idea how to fix it.
Looking For
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Iamhere97's Usual Playing Times (EST)
Monday: Unknown
Tuesday: Unknown
Wednesday: Unknown
Thursday: Unknown
Friday: Unknown
Saturday: Unknown
Sunday: Unknown

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