ºDarth Veigarº

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Hello there!

I'm just looking for someone who doesn't feed and doesn't fight 3 vs 5, if you know what I mean. Silver III / IV is a hell for me, because it's literally impossible to carry when other lanes give the enemy 10 kills after 10 minutes, while you try to play safe. :C I'm playing mid (Veigar OTP, Lux, Xerath) most of the time and Bot (mostly Jhin and Miss Fortune), I know about wave control, safe play, objectives and all that basic stuff. I was on a losing streak now and got 4 AFK people in 5 games, it was really frustrating and I think that we can both maximize our chance of winning when we're playing good together! :D

My name is messed up here, it's the one standing at the top :x
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