In Game Name: ImprisonedInside

Language: English

About Imprisoned

New to League of Legends, I do have some prior MOBA experience however which let's me know some of the general concepts although I am still learning. I play usually late in the day/early morning, United States Texas time. Just looking to find some people to play the game with as well as possibly someone to show me the more specific side of things. ^-^ Also have LoLReplay2, I believe I uploaded one of my games if anyone cares about looking at that.
Looking For
Unranked Team
Fave Lane(s)
Imprisoned's Usual Playing Times (EST)
Monday: 7PM-10PM & 7PM-10PM
Tuesday: Unknown
Wednesday: Unknown
Thursday: Unknown
Friday: Unknown
Saturday: Unknown
Sunday: Unknown

Recent Games

  • 3 / 4 / 3
    Minions (Neutral): 26 ( 45 )
    Wards Placed: 17
    Game Length
    Normal 5v5 Draft Pick
    played Apr 21, 2018
  • 3 / 5 / 8
    Minions (Neutral): 61 ( 93 )
    Wards Placed: 13
    Game Length
    Normal 5v5 Draft Pick
    played Apr 20, 2018
  • 9 / 10 / 13
    Minions (Neutral): 78 ( 84 )
    Wards Placed: 18
    Game Length
    Normal 5v5 Draft Pick
    played Apr 20, 2018

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