In Game Name: Bukubukuchagama

Language: Czech English

About Chagama

Hey! I am a support/top main with a constant rank between dia II - IV and would like to offer my help to anyone that needs some advice, in the form of telling what mistakes they are doing and what exactly they need to work on. I am also up for some duo games if anyone wills it! I often play Kled/jayce/olaf top and thresh/tahm/Janna for support. My style is highly aggresive.
Looking For
Fave Lane(s)
Chagama's Usual Playing Times (EST)
Monday: 2PM-6AM
Tuesday: 3PM-6AM
Wednesday: 2PM-6AM
Thursday: 2PM-6AM
Friday: 2PM-6AM
Saturday: 4AM-6AM
Sunday: 4AM-6AM

Recent Games

  • 7 / 5 / 4
    Minions (Neutral): 230 ( 4 )
    Wards Placed: 11
    Game Length
    Ranked Flex
    played Apr 30, 2018
  • 9 / 5 / 5
    Minions (Neutral): 149 ( 17 )
    Wards Placed: 6
    Game Length
    Ranked Solo
    played Apr 30, 2018
  • 4 / 3 / 3
    Minions (Neutral): 168 ( 6 )
    Wards Placed: 7
    Game Length
    Ranked Solo
    played Apr 30, 2018

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