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In Game Name: Who U Hookin At

Language: English

About Who U Hookin At

Ended season 7 plat V currently above that in preseason. Goal of Diamond 4 for season 8.
My honest ratings of myself:
Laning Phase: 8/10
Mid Game Rotations/Teamfights/Skirmishes: 8.5/10
Late Game Rotations and ^ and ^: 8/10.
I'd like to think I'm decent at the game. My individual mechanics are holding me back but shot calling and game knowledge have lifted me thus far. Can help teach others while receiving help from others as well.
^That's all if someone wants me for a team to practice with or as a sub.
When I'm not try harding in ranked I'm just chillin in ARAM's havin fun! (68% of all my games last season were ARAM)
Message me w/ any ?'s.
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Who U Hookin At's Usual Playing Times (EST)
Monday: 11PM-1AM
Tuesday: 11PM-1AM
Wednesday: 11PM-1AM
Thursday: Unknown
Friday: 11PM-1AM
Saturday: 10PM-1AM
Sunday: 10PM-1AM

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