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By limperschmit    24
Welcome to LoL Training House. I have officially launched the site today and am accepting sign ups.

About the site
The point of this site is to help League of Legends players find other people to play with. You can visit the players tab to see a list of all the players signed up. You can find other players around your skill level to maybe duo with or start a ranked 5's. You can find someone better than you who plays a certain champion you want to be good at and ask them for tips. The point of this site is to help league players connect with other players and get better at the game by discussing strategy, sharing replays, and playing together.

Future of the site
I have ideas for adding more features for the site, but before I implement them I wanted to get the initial site out there and see what YOU, the user, would like to see added. I envision as more people sign up adding a feature to search for specific types of players. Say you want to learn a new champion, you will be able to filter by mentors with a higher skill level who have a lot of games played with that champion. You can then talk with them, have them look at replays, or observe some of your games. Or maybe you have a ranked 5s team and you need a better jungler. You can filter for players around your skill level who prefer the jungle. Or you may want to find someone to play some serious ranked duo queue with who plays around the same time you could then search for that.

I am always looking for ideas so feel free to email me anytime at with suggestions or leave a comment below.
Bacon Sauce
1901 Days Ago
  Joined! :D
1901 Days Ago
1900 Days Ago
  So cash
1899 Days Ago
  awesome ^^
1897 Days Ago
  i might have overclicked on the upload if you could remove the duplicates haha my bad
1897 Days Ago
  itd be neat if we could get this started with a stream in the front page :O it'd bring in a good crowd because I used to help run a 10winstreak site that had the same concept but the admin were just lazy hehe we could start a new community ^^
1897 Days Ago
Runs With Vodka
  Just Joined :D
1895 Days Ago
  I think I signed up but it didn't give me any confirmation...
1895 Days Ago
  I'm actually pretty stoked about this! And there is a replays section? Awesome!
1895 Days Ago
  Dope site. Hopefully I can gain something from it :D
1895 Days Ago
  Thanks for all the feedback everyone! Glad you like it. yeaitsjohnny I deleted your multiples and will be fixing the code so that doesn't happen again. baudelaire you are signed up if you can comment! But thanks for the feedback I will add an alert after creation to let people know their account was created successfully.
1895 Days Ago
  Nice nice nice. Look forward to meeting some of y'all in game or irl.
1895 Days Ago
1894 Days Ago
  Here to step my game up... Hopefully lol
1889 Days Ago
  Woooo hoo lets all be friends!
1886 Days Ago
  hit me up in game if anyone wants to gain some LP :P
1884 Days Ago
  Can you please change the profile where I can say times vary from week to week.
1873 Days Ago
  Seems like an interesting site, hope people can find mentors/mentee's and learn to play better :]
1872 Days Ago
  Signed up, if anyone needs a mentor on euw below plat send me a message :)
1872 Days Ago
1872 Days Ago
1872 Days Ago
1872 Days Ago
  is there a way to remove my account?
816 Days Ago
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