The LoLBuilder App - No More Alt Tabbing

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Recently I found this tool that has been a lifesaver. No longer do I have to alt tab out of my game to follow the build for the new champion I am playing. I just run this tool LoLBuilder and automatically no matter what champion I pick the common diamond and challenger builds for the champion are in my client. Combined with the awesome guide they have I have been able to increase my LoL skill dramatically.

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Check out this video below for more information about it.

If you do decide to purchase this tool, LoL Training House receives a percent of the sale. So we thank you for your support if you do

  lol what a noob trap
1121 Days Ago
  This seems to good to be true to be honest. I mean if there were enough people to try it, then I might change my mind....but as of now I'm not interested since I feel like this is a scam
959 Days Ago
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