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Over the past week a host of new features have been added to LoL Training House that you may have noticed.

Players Playing Now

A much requested feature has finally been added to the site. You can now see which LoL Training House players are currently playing a game. This means you can jump on real quick and add these people and get a duo game going in seconds. Like the normal Players page you can filter the players currently in game to find someone who is right around your rank or plays the lane you want. Head over to the Players Playing Now to see if there is someone you would like to play with.


The leaderboard has been updated so users can compete on more than just who improves the most during the week. Now the leaderboard has many more things like Ranked Kills, Ranked Games Played, Ranked Kills Per Game, and a few more. Head over to the Leaderboard to check them all out.

  Searchinf ro like minded peopel to play with on eune !
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