Leaderboard and In-Game Chatroom

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The leaderboard is the newest edition to the LoL Training House website. The leaderboard recognizes the most improved players for the current week. It also works to motivate players to get better so that they can be seen at the top of the leaderboard. So far the most ranks gained in a week has been 3, done by Report Me Now, Thunyethor, Rami, kakashi097, and jaredeatslam in the first week. In the second week Pheorious was the only one to raise 3 ranks. This week iPhaLanX is up 3 ranks, can anyone make it to 4 this week?

In-Game Chatroom
It was asked on the subreddit if we had an in-game chatroom for all of us LoL Training House users. At the time we did not but we do now! We are starting an in game chatroom named lolth. Join it while in the client and talk strategy and hang out with other LoL Training House users.

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